Kopyl District Local History Museum

The museum was founded in 1978, and presented the first exposition in February 1979. The museum building is a monument of history from the late 19th century, it was a former tannery. A new exposition welcomed its first visitors on 14 May 2000 after the reconstruction of the building and is designed to conduct educational activities. The main sections are: "Archaeological History of Kopyl", "Town of Kapyl", "Elementary School of the Late 19th Century", "Ethnography and Life of the 19th Century", "Memorial Cabinet of G. Golubovich", "The Tragedy and Heroism. The 20th Century", and "The Here of Belarus, the Chief Automobile Industry Designer M. S. Vysotsky". The most distinctive projects of recent years are: "Guardians of Happiness" and "By Paths of Courage". The total number of items is 24,854. The most interesting collections are: icons, folk weaving, archeology, paintings, glass, and porcelain. The unique exhibits: a clay dog figurine (the 4th — 1th centuries B.C.), a honeycomb, and a surgical knife (the 13th century), a crossbow bolt (the 16th century) (the only findings on the territory of Belarus), a belt plate (the late 9th — the early 10th centuries), a medallion of St. Layol (the middle of the 17th century). Besides guided tours, the museum provides cultural and educational programs: "The Letter from 1944 ..." "Elementary School", "Trip to the Past", "Articles of My grandmothers Attic". There are two branches: a museum of ethnography and life of the late 19th — 20th centuries in Village Veleshino-1; and the House-Museum of the Academician and Hero of Belarus M. S. Vysotskyogo in Semezhevo.